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: i had read and do all of this documentation, but i don't see where i need to replace ?q=node/1 with /node/1 , whereisit?
: my serverisconsuming enormous resources
: pingisWHAT?"
: qwertyis<reply>First six letters of a keyboard
: remind Druplicon in 1 second that heisgood
: Remind Lord_of_Codes in 8 seconds that Sharatisa GCI16 Student
: So quickstartisthe way to go for developping on drupal?
: speakerisIt is a device which emits mechanical waves of specific frequencies.
: tell Druplicon heisawesome
: tell gvso I made all the changes he recommended and the taskisready for review
: tell heervesh that heisawesome.
: tell ismaeel ping me next time youareon IRC
: tell jeremie_ ping me next time youareon IRC
: tell Lord_of_Codes that drupliconisawesome
: Tell MarkyS to ping me next time youareon IRC
: tell tarnus-rick that Mountain Lion works and it's a 15GB Package. Whatisthe best way to get it to you?
: UareGreat
: ViewsisViews is one of the most powerful and useful modules of Drupal. It has been recently added to Drupal 8 as a core module. As the name suggests, it helps you to easily configure the look and feel of your webpages.
: whatareyou?
: workis<reply>
: Youaregood
: zxcvbnisqwerty.
:-*is<action>kisses you
:: domain moduleisuseful or not, or any other code is available..??
:: when we r using themekey some problemsareapearing, so any other module is there?