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's reply'sareglobal - each room has the same?
's tiny URLishttp://bit.ly/2bGGmbq
(_!_)is<reply> eso es un culo
++isgood karma
+1is<action> subscribes.
, theyareharsh
--isbad karma
-> tell philoSurfer youarea monkey's uncle.
-devis<reply>Use -dev releases at your own risk!
.is<reply>Random channel activity so Druplicon notices you and sends you your tells.
.infoishttp://drupal.org/node/542202 (7.x) or http://drupal.org/node/231036 (6.x) or http://drupal.org/node/101009 (5.x)
.installishttp://drupal.org/node/51220 (D5), http://drupal.org/node/323314 (D6)
0xedis<reply>0xED is a free (as in beer) hex-editor for mac. http://www.suavetech.com/0xed/0xed.html
1 css fileisbad
1147is<reply>Podcast ueber SiteBuilder - http://www.drupalcenter.de/podcast/38456
11:27 AMis<reply>¿Pensando en hacer un Bellido?
12factoris<reply>The twelve-factor app is a methodology for building software-as-a-service apps: http://12factor.net/
1328is<reply> 1328 is the year, when Augustiner Beer brewed the first time. Augustiner is the oldest Brewery in munich, and the favorit beer of the most bavarians. - http://www.augustiner-braeu.de/augustiners/html/en/index.html
1354is<reply>1354 is Everyone's favorite node ID, also known as the doxygen reference: http://drupal.org/node/1354
187isthe police code for Death, Murder, Kill.
1s this the real lifeis<reply>Is this just fantasy? http://turntable.fm/drupalcolorado