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Code monkeyisvery simple man. Codemonkey like Fritos. Codemonkey like Tab and Mountain Dew.
!whoisin #drupal?!
!workis<reply>It doesn't work! How does it not work? Was there any output at all? What was the expected result? Any errors, warnings, or notices? Anything in the Apache error log? Anything in the watchdog? Anything else that may help explain in what way it doesn't work? We probably need more information to help us help you.
"A patch a day, keeps the bugs away"is<reply>Patches, patches ... more more patches! The drupal community is like a patchwork family!
"are you pondering what I'm pondering"is<reply>Uh, I think so, Brain, but we'll never get a monkey to use dental floss.
"Big Gulps eh?"is<reply>"Whelp, see ya later!"
"could you be later"is<reply> "I suppose I could be"
"Do you know how many times zones therearein the Soviet Union?" is <reply>11! Now stop asking!
"drupal for firebug"is<reply> This module is a helper module for a customized Firefox plugin that displays Drupal debugging and SQL query information (thanks to integration with devel module) to the Firebug window. -- http://drupal.org/project/drupalforfirebug
"entity reference"ishttp://drupal.org/project/entityreference
"field formatter?"is<reply>Field formatters are a type of plugin used to allow site builders to customise the markup that is displayed when rendering a field. This is typically a better approach to overriding a template or using a preprocess hook. For more info, see
"howareyour testbot cousins" is <reply>I am not sure. Check http://qa.drupal.org/
"I hereby bequeath my soul to Druplicon"is<action>eats !who's soul. nom nom nom
"is there a module for that"is<reply>Yes, there is a module for that. Unless there isn't a module for that
"Karma party"is<reply> It's time to spread karma indiscriminately and without reason
"ñapas"isChapuzas de pepe gotera y otilio
"Oatmeal Stout!"is<action>Oh what a beautiful morning!!
"Sabes qué es lo malo?"is<reply> Que te metan por el culo un palo.
"whatis++" is related to karma. Ask me karma?
"wheniscore mentoring" is hi
#is<action> CrunchBang... is it a chocolate snack or a linux distro?
#after_buildisa step in the form processing in Drupal FAPI. If it's the answer, you are probably asking the wrong question.
#boilerupis<reply>Go Boilers!
#d4dis"Design for Drupal". Check out #drupal-design and http://groups.drupal.org/d4d.